• queen custom highlight  $65+
  • king custom color  $55+
  • trim and "signature" cut  $20+
  • ‚Äčempire press $75+
  • Steam "Moisture" therapy  $25
  • empire wash & go  $35+
  • empire wet sets $65+
  • custom crochet  $100+ (consultation required)
  • colored EYEBROWS  $10
  • Bonded Hair extentions $25+ (consultation required)
  • Men's Signature cut $25+
  • men's cut & color $50+


Welcome to Empire Atlanta Salon

Where your natural hair is pampered and treated by professional stylists to maintain a healthy rich color like smooth glossy-glass. We promise our services are worth the time and money, and once you experience what Empire Atlanta Salon has to offer, you'll dump your box dye in the trash and keep comin' back!
Our Upscale Salon has an image to adhere to, providing you with the most professional, stylish and healthy salon experience you will visit in the the South Eastern area. We transform your look, right before your eyes.